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Schütz underfloor heating systems on the rise

Schütz Energy Systems, the renowned manufacturer of intelligent building and house technology, is delighted at a gratifying 9% increase in sales recorded by its surface heating system division in fiscal 2015.


Innovative Schütz heating circuit manifold for fast and easyventilation

Schütz Energy Systems is presenting its own, newlydeveloped heating circuit manifold. Accordingly, Schütz is one of the few manufacturers to offer in-house production of all of the relevant main components of the manifold system in a high degree of manufacturing depth:after almost 15,000 of these new manifolds left the production facility in Selters within the framework of pilot production last year, serial production is now commencing.


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R 50 Renovation system
R 50 Renovation system

The innovative underfloor heating system for building renovation.


air conomy®

Heating – venting – cooling in one system.


SCHÜTZ TANK IN TANK plastic systems – always state of the art.

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"TANK IN TANK", the system with an inner container and a collection pan, guarantees double protection and eliminates the need for additional structural measures (such as a walled collection pan with triple oil-proof coating).

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Total quality

Choose SCHÜTZ's TANK IN TANK plastic systems, and you'll be choosing one of the most modern and flexible tank systems for heating oil storage.

15 year manufacturer’s guarantee, SMP technology, PROOFED BARRIER® quality label