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Optimum procedures in the process chain with Schütz packaging

The sustainable packaging system by the globally operating company offers optimum solutions for practically any filling product and the specific demands of the customer supply chain. Visitors to the trade show in Nuremburg will be able to see the economic and environmental benefits of the company’s comprehensive product range at the Schütz booth.


Schütz Recobulk: the new name for the highest packaging quality thanks to originality

With the Ecobulk, Schütz created the most frequently used IBC system in the world. Since the beginning, the pioneering core of the packaging system has been its modular design, which is also a key factor in its global success. The container can be perfectly adapted to meet the specific requirements of the filling product and the customer’s individual supply chain.


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SCHÜTZ FOODCERT – The New Food Packaging Standard

Food packaging products that offer an extra measure of safety and cost effectiveness.



Safety and originality.


Supply Chain Optimisation
Supply Chain Optimisation

Efficiency of packaging

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Safety in Ex-zones
Sicherheit in Ex-Zonen

Antistatic or conductive outer layers for plastic packaging.


IBC with EVOH permeation barrier
IBC mit EVOH Permeationsbarriere

Innovative SCHÜTZ Security-Layer Technology.


The safe and economical way to transport sensitive products – packaging solutions from SCHÜTZ.

SX MX F1 Steel

As the leading international producer of high-quality packaging systems, SCHÜTZ offers its customers a full range of products for liquid and dry filling goods.

Product lines at a glance:

The new packaging models for ex-zones.

SCHÜTZ makes for greater economy and safety in ex zones thanks to the patented SCHÜTZ Security-Layer Technology: plastic packaging options with a choice of conductive or antistatic outer layer for use in ex-zones 1 and 2:

With permeation barrier: