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Please visit the press portal of SCHÜTZ Selters, Germany (HQ) for central press information of the SCHÜTZ Group.

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R 50 Renovation system
R 50 Renovation system

The innovative underfloor heating system for building renovation.


Heating oil tank systems –
we can safely say we're the right solution.

Heating oil tank systems

Thanks to their brilliant compact design, SCHÜTZ heating oil tanks ensure optimal use of space. As a single or multi-walled storage tank, optionally made of plastic or galvanised, they offer maximum quality, safety and reliability, and service.

Our patented SMP odour barrier protects against the smell of oil and was awarded the PROOFED BARRIER® quality label by the Fraunhofer Institute for its high level of effectiveness.

With our various different storage containers we offer a complete range of products that includes the perfect solution for every situation.

Storage and disposal tanks
Storage and disposal tanks

For the special requirements of industry, the mineral oil industry and agricultural businesses – double-walled and secure.

Diesel tank system
Diesel tank system

The SCHÜTZ diesel tank system – fill up at your own fuel pump.