Intermediate Bulk Container

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SCHÜTZ ECOBULK – one system for all requirements.


Your filling product is something very special and to ensure that it lives up to your customers’ and your own expectations, SCHÜTZ offers you the ideal packaging solution tailored to your supply chain.

Basic models

ECOBULK LX – basic IBC with wooden pallet and integrated outlet valve

ECOBULK LX composite
Featuring new plastic-composite pallet

ECOBULK MX – the all-round IBC available in many different designs

IBC for ex-zones

ECOBULK MX-EX conductive – inner container with conductive outer layer

ECOBULK MX-EX antistatic – inner container with antistatic outer layer

ECOBULK SX-EX – inner container protected by steel jacket

IBC with permeation barrier

ECOBULK MX-EV – inner container with EVOH barrier

ECOBULK MX-EX-EV conductive – inner container with EVOH barrier and conductive outer layer

ECOBULK MX-EX-EV antistatic – inner container with EVOH barrier and antistatic outer layer

IBC for high-viscosity goods

ECOBULK MX-HV – inner container geometry specially designed for easiest possible drainage of residual content

ECOBULK MX – with filling opening DN 400 and outlet valve DN 150

IBC with fire protection

ECOBULK SX-EX-UL – fire protected IBC by SCHÜTZ

IBCs for foodstuff

ECOBULK MX FDA – IBC for food and other sensitive filling goods

ECOBULK MX-EV FDA – IBC with permeation barrier for food and other sensitive filling goods

IBC for special applications

ECOBULK MX Feeder – system IBC for use in production plants

ECOBULK MX-EV – IBC for crop science products