Schütz underfloor heating systems on the rise.

Building technology specialist Schütz is delighted at a 9% increase in sales in its underfloor heating systems division. This positive market development is attributable to development of project business in heating large areas such as car showrooms or industrial halls, for example.
Schütz Energy Systems is increasing its commitment to the growing division of underfloor heating systems.

Selters, June 2016. Schütz Energy Systems, the renowned manufacturer of intelligent building and house technology, is delighted at a gratifying 9% increase in sales recorded by its surface heating system division in fiscal 2015. This puts the company way above the industry average which the Bundesverband der Deutschen Heizungsindustrie (BDH) recorded as zero growth last year in the surface heating segment. Schütz attributes its growth to the acquisition of new customers as well as targeted expansion of project business.


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Schütz underfloor heating systems on the rise
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According to Schütz, the largest increase in underfloor heating was achieved in the areas of heating pipes and system panels, accounting for a high single-digit increase. This positive trend continued in the first quarter of 2016 with growth attributable to above-average acquisition of new customers as well as development of project business in a wide variety of areas: residential building focussing on multi-family dwellings, office buildings and large-volume industrial areas.

The increased order volume has triggered the company to extend its storage capacities for the “Underfloor heating systems” division. Accordingly, last year not only saw the creation of additional storage space but also optimisation of the digital processes. This enabled Schütz to further optimise its delivery quality, particularly with regard to the growing project business in the area of supplies to construction sites where “just in time” deliveries and loyalty to deadlines play a key role.

On account of the increased demand for comprehensive concepts for use of surface heating systems, Schütz has also extended its co-operations with external planning agencies. This ensures that all customers can continue to expect service as usual from Schütz even when more orders have been received.

Furthermore, there is also an increase in demand for additional support by customers with their own planning departments. Schütz plans to develop this area in future in the form of investments. For customers using Plancal planning software, SCHÜTZ will provide suitable data sets as of mid-2016.