September 2018 // PACKAGING SYSTEMS

FachPack 2018: Packaging handling made easy

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Packaging solutions by Schütz provide the highest level of safety and simplify processes in day-to-day operations.
High-quality packaging does not only come into its own under extreme circumstances. Its benefits start much earlier, like helping users to save time and money in their daily operations. To further boost these advantages Schütz engineers are constantly working to increase the overall performance of the company’s packaging systems, also by continuously improving individual components.

As well as application safety, the engineers focus on the question of how handling in the respective supply chain can be made even easier and more convenient for users. Schütz will be presenting answers to these questions and a selection of the current product highlights at this year's FachPack in Nuremberg from 25 to 27 September 2018 at Booth 6-237 in Hall 6.


  • The new peelable seal foil has a tab for removal, making it even more user-friendly.
  • Packaging solutions by Schütz provide the highest level of safety and simplify processes in day-to-day operations.

FachPack 2018: Packaging handling made easy
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Highest user-friendliness, better originality protection


At the show, the new IBC models will not be the only eye-catchers; trade fair visitors will also be able to see the improvements that have been made to individual components. For the first time this year, Schütz will be showing a new peelable sealing foil for the outlet valves of IBCs. It consists of several layers of high-quality materials and replaces the previously used aluminium foil in the Foodcert and Cleancert lines. With the latter, consumers had to cut the metal foil with a knife prior to the first product discharge. Ragged edges caused foil remnants around the edges, which meant that the filling product could come into contact with metal. The new sealing foil is material-compliant for contact with food and is especially user-friendly. It features a tab that allows the seal foil to be removed with one hand without the need for tools and without leaving any remnants. The new, peelable seal also means that no deposits of the filling product can accumulate behind the cut edges. Furthermore, the new seal foil is also proof of originality: it is impossible to discharge the product without removing the foil.


Intuitive valve safeguard


Another system to protect product originality is Schütz’s new safeguard system for outlet valves. This system prevents the outlet valve from tampering or inadvertent opening. Before this innovative system was introduced there was a choice of two options to secure the outlet valve: a steel safety screw or a plastic safety clip. In day-to-day operations both were unsatisfactory, as both the screw and the clip were easy to lose. The new, optimised safeguard system consists of a yellow tab that is integrated in the handle of the valve. It is easy and intuitive to use, and can be opened and locked again multiple times. Another feature that provides additional protection is Schütz’s originality sticker. This sticker is attached to the closed lock at the factory. The seal breaks when the tab is pushed up for the first time to open the container, instantly showing that the valve has been opened. Another benefit is that the ability to reclose the container easily and quickly complies with regulations for the transport of filled and emptied containers.


Maximum protection thanks to a liner


Trade visitors from the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries will be particularly interested in the new IBC models Foodcert + Aseptic and Cleancert + Dualprotect at the Schütz stand. The two containers have a liner system with UN approval. For maximum ease-of-use, the containers are “ready to fill”. The liner is made of  top-grade LDPE film and it unfolds and aligns itself automatically in the inner bottle during filling. This minimises oxygen contact during filling and within the packaging, thus preventing the filling product changing when exposed to oxygen. The risk of contamination is avoided, and there is no risk of the filling product coming into contact with condensate which can form inside the inner bottle. This extends the product's shelf-life and helps to reduce the need for preservatives. Encased in the leak-proof IBC bottle, leaks are effectively prevented. The liner also helps to prevent hardening and premature curing, for instance, in adhesives, making the Ecobulk Cleancert + Dualprotect ideal for transporting products manufactured by the adhesives industry. During production of the Ecobulk Foodcert + Aseptic the integrated liner and valves are sterilised by gamma radiation – making them ideal for especially sensitive applications that require aseptic conditions.


Safe stirring for viscous products


The Impeller by Schütz, which will also be on display at the trade fair, was designed to safely stir viscous media. To achieve an even consistency viscous products need to be stirred prior to use. However, even the insertion of a stirrer poses a potential contamination risk for sensitive filling products due to residues of previous products. In multiple tests, the Impeller by Schütz has proven to be a very efficient tool: IBCs with the Impeller can remain closed along the entire supply chain, from filling to discharge. At the same time, the contents can be easily and effectively stirred. The single-use stirrer is connected to the screw cap of the IBC and is pre-inserted at the factory. To stir the contents a conventional stirrer drive can be used. The use of the Impeller as a disposable system reduces the risk of contamination significantly. Expensive cleaning processes and all similar costs are eliminated. The Impeller is available for all 1,000 and 1,250 litre Ecobulk types with DN150 and DN 225 filling openings.


Automatic Lock protects originality


Of course, Schütz’s extensive range of drums will also be featured at this summit meeting of the packaging industry: a range of PE and steel drums will be on display at the booth. A new addition to this range is the Automatic Lock, a seal cap system with originality protection. This system uses a seal of originality to protect filling goods against tampering and contamination. The plug cannot be opened without destroying the seal cap as the inner seal ring is firmly incorporated in the cap. As an added benefit, Automatic Lock can be fitted automatically or manually.