Just peel off! New peelable seal foil is even more user-friendly

With the tab the new seal foil can be simply peeled away by hand – no additional tools are needed.
Different filling products all have different requirements when it comes to packaging. Ultimately, though, all forms of packaging have one central purpose in common: to effectively protect the product along the entire supply chain. Tampering or contamination must always be prevented. For IBCs, the focus here is particularly on the outlet valve.

One of the key components used on outlet valves to ensure the safety of high-quality filling products is a seal foil which has to be removed by cutting prior to initial discharge. In everyday use, though, this is a less than satisfactory, fiddly solution; also, it can never be ruled out that the filling product comes into contact with metal in the aluminium residues of the foil in the cut edges and the facing side of the outlet valve. Now, a new, practical solution – the peelable seal foil – developed by Schütz ensures enhanced user-friendliness and offers additional advantages. This seal foil consists of several layers of high-quality materials – mainly PET – and unites easy handling with increased quality protection.


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Just peel off! New peelable seal foil is even more user-friendly
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Easy to use – highly effective


The handling concept is supremely intuitive: the round seal foil is simply peeled off by hand, without the need for any additional tools. A tab on the upper half is lifted and pulled to one side, thus removing the seal completely – with practically no residue! This new, optimised variant leaves no foil remnants, meaning that IBCs with this seal are ideal for packaging products that are sensitive to metal and products in the food industry. The new, peelable seal also means that no deposits of the filling product can accumulate behind the cut edges.


Originality and quality are fully protected


Another aspect, that is particularly useful, especially for longer storage periods, is that it is impossible to discharge product without destroying the foil. Users can see at a glance whether the outlet valve of the IBC has been opened. The filling product is continuously protected against contamination risks.


The new seal foil is material-compliant for contact with food. Initially, Schütz will equip all outlet valves for the Foodcert and Cleancert lines with the new seal foil.