New safeguard system for outlet valves – with optional originality protection

The new safeguard system with a tab and originality seal replaces the plastic safety clip or the steel screw.
Schütz ensures the safety of the filling products in IBCs in many ways. One important component is the outlet valve with an integrated lock that safeguards the container against unintentional opening and tampering, and also protects product originality.

A filled Ecobulk is always transported and stored with a closed and secured outlet valve. In order to open the valve, the customer must first remove the screw cap. This removes the red PE disk and reveals the seal foil as a concealed originality protection. Until now, there have been two options to secure the outlet valve: a steel safety screw or a plastic safety clip. In day-to-day operations both were unsatisfactory, as an additional tool was needed to open the screw and there was always the risk of the screw getting lost. This also applied to a small component like the safety clip, which posed the additional risk of the clip being dropped when the valve was opened making it impossible to secure the valve at a later point.


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New safeguard system for outlet valves – with optional originality protection
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Recloseability is a great advantage


The new Schütz safeguard system consists of a yellow tab that is integrated in the valve between the casing dome and the handle. It is easy and intuitive to use. The latch is simply pressed up with a thumb; no tools are required and there is no risk of parts being dropped or lost. Pressing the latch up releases the handle of the outlet valve which can then be turned to discharge product. After discharge the handle is moved back to its original position to close it. The tab can now be pressed down again; it will snap into place to lock the outlet valve easily once it is closed.


The option of reclosing the container easily and quickly is a great benefit. Transport laws demand that the container is securely closed, and this is also required under the terms of the Schütz Ticket Service when the container is collected. 


Sealed for safety


Another feature that provides additional protection is Schütz’s originality sticker. This sticker is attached to the closed lock at the factory. The seal breaks when the tab is pushed up for the first time to open the container, instantly showing that the valve has been opened. The originality strip protects the filling product from tampering. It effectively rules out the risk of contamination and protects the original quality.


All EVOH containers already come with the new safeguard system as standard. The final conversion of all other valves will take place successively during the course of the year.