New Recobulk partner in France: Duo Emballages

After signing the Recobulk cooperation agreement, from the left: Andrea Adolf (General Manager, Schütz France), Veit Enders (Business Unit Manager EMEA, Schütz), Hervé Obaton (Directeur Général, Duo Emballages), Thierry Obaton (Directeur Général, Duo Emballages), Fabrice Fuchs (Sales Manager, Schütz France) and Roland Strassburger (CEO Schütz).
Sustainability remains a core issue in the packaging industry. According to a survey by a British market research company among leading brand owners and retailers in Germany, Great Britain, France, Italy and Spain, 62 percent anticipate a growing demand for sustainable packaging. Schütz has been meeting this demand for sustainable industrial transport packaging for over 30 years thanks to its own recycling system for collecting and reconditioning used IBCs.

Collected Schütz IBCs are exclusively fitted with original Schütz inner bottles and components in a globally standardized, environmentally friendly process. A Recobulk is on par with an Ecobulk in safety and quality in the standard specification. Within the scope of a special cooperation, selected companies are licensed to manufacture Recobulk in the original Schütz quality. Duo Emballages, a French company with a long tradition in reconditioning, has now joined the partner programme.


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New Recobulk partner in France: Duo Emballages 
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Duo Emballages was founded in 1996 by brothers Thierry and Hervé Obaton in Willems near Lille. The family-owned company specialises in recycling used industrial packaging such as IBCs, plastic and steel drums. The group currently has a total factory area of 130,000 square metres, spread over four locations. Each site specialises in different processing methods and packaging types. In addition to the plant in Willems near the Belgian border, the company opened a branch in Arras in 2008. This was followed in 2009 by a subsidiary in Compiègne. Duo Emballages is also present in the south of France with a production facility in Castres, which helps to minimise transport distances.


Duo Emballages qualified for the Schütz Recobulk partner programme on the basis of more than 20 years of experience in IBC reconditioning as well the values it shares with Schütz with regard to quality standards, environmental protection and sustainability. The conservation of raw material resources plays an important role for both companies. Even the washing water for cleaning in the Reco process is recycled in a closed loop and reused!


Partner applies Schütz standards


After signing a Recobulk cooperation agreement, Duo Emballages is now manufacturing the Recobulk in the same quality as Schütz – including the original UN approvals. Schütz equips the French partners with the necessary equipment and knowhow for production as well as the original spare parts. The Duo Group is committed to fully and comprehensively adopting the uniform process standards. Compliance is regularly audited by Schütz, giving customers the peace of mind of knowing that they can use a Recobulk to transport their products without hesitation – regardless of whether the containers are produced by Schütz or by Duo Emballages.


Globally standardised processes for uniform quality


Just like the new IBCs, Schütz focused from the very start on providing the highest

quality for reconditioned IBCs, and to achieve this established the company’s own standard. Regardless of whether they are using a reconditioned Recobulk or a new Schütz Ecobulk, customers always benefit from the highest quality and safety. This complete equivalence is ensured by a globally uniform reconditioning process that complies with the highest environmental, safety and quality management standards. The new brand name instantly underlines the originality and quality of the reconditioned product. Both products offer identical quality and performance including UN approval for safe use – even when combined. The Recobulk offers a further environmental benefit: production of each reconditioned IBC saves around 100 kilograms of CO2 emissions compared with a new IBC!