ECS 2019  Coatings: Packaging is a key factor for the best stirring results 

The Ecobulk HX ensures almost 100 per cent residual emptying even with highly viscous products such as automotive industry coatings.
Layer by layer, Schütz's innovative packaging ensures greater safety, quality and cost-effectiveness in the application of coatings. The global player from Selters has closely analysed the individual steps in the complex process chains in the automotive industry and has developed the appropriate packaging solutions for high-tech paints and coatings. 

From production, conversion coating and priming through to base coats and top coating, one thing is certain: when it comes to obtaining the best stirring results, packaging plays a key role. The aim here is to rigorously prevent quality risks, sources of contamination and processing errors, as these cause avoidable extra work and, above all, prevent follow-on costs. 


  • The Ecobulk HX ensures almost 100 per cent residual emptying even with highly viscous products such as automotive industry coatings.  
  • The Schütz Impeller enables optimum stirring results in closed IBCs.
  • The double wall construction of the Ecobulk SX-D protects flammable and combustible filling products. 
  • Thanks to its UN-certified liner system, the Ecobulk Cleancert + Dualprotect provides maximum protection for highly sensitive filling products. 

ECS 2019 Coatings: Packaging is a key factor for the best stirring results  
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Visitors to the European Coatings Show will be able to see for themselves how Schütz products help to simplify processes, reduce costs and achieve shining results: At Booth 6-344 in Hall 6, the global player will be presenting the ideal packaging for tomorrow’s coatings! From 19 to 21 March, manufacturers of paints, varnishes, adhesives, sealing compounds and construction chemicals from all over the world will meet at the Exhibition Centre in Nuremberg to discuss the latest developments on the market.


The Impeller: safe stirring processes for coatings


Many products in the coating industry are highly viscous. Before they can be used, these products often require stirring inside the IBC in order to achieve a homogeneous consistency that is easy to process. However, even the immersion of a stirrer carries the risk of contamination due to potential residues. In a number of practical tests, the Schütz Impeller has proven to be a highly efficient tool: IBCs with impellers can remain closed throughout the entire supply chain, from filling to removal. At the same time, they allow the contents of the IBC to be conveniently and effectively stirred. The disposable stirrer is installed in the screw cap of the IBC that is completely inserted into the filling opening at the factory. A standard drive system can be connected for stirring. Since stirring and removal take place while the packaging remains closed, employees are protected against exposure throughout and do not come into contact with the filling product. There is no need for the stirrer to be cleaned in a time-consuming and expensive process. The Impeller is available for all 1,000 and 1,250 litre Ecobulk types with DN 150 and DN 225 filling openings. It can be used at all process stages in car body construction, from the production of the paints, the addition of pigments, additives, solvents and binders, all the way through to the final clear coat finish.


HX with special geometry for optimum residual emptying and stirring times


Another important factor when handling high-value, viscous filling products, such as the coatings used in the automotive industry are the residual quantities that remain inside the packaging after emptying. These unused quantities represent an economic loss. The conical shape of the Ecobulk HX was chosen specially to support emptying processes. The special product design without corners is well thought-out: sloping bottle with closed, dimensionally stable support cushion, optimised outlet geometry and a low-lying outlet valve. Even with highly viscous media these geometric features ensure that almost 100% of the contents can be emptied as well as enabling faster and more efficient stirring processes. Even with small residual quantities of around 50 litres, the stirring result is excellent. Of course, the integrated Impeller can also be used in the HX to protect the quality of the product during the stirring process. Equipped accordingly, it can also be used in hazardous areas. Schütz recommends using the HX for paint manufacturing, conversion coating and actual paint application.


SX-D: double is better!


Another product on show that will be of great interest for the coating experts at the trade fair is the new Ecobulk SX-D, which offers a safe packing variant for highly flammable products such as car coatings. This IBC with a volume of 1,000 litres not only has a conventional steel grid, it also features a complete steel jacket. Firmly welded to the steel bottom plate, the double wall construction provides effective additional leak protection; even under extreme conditions the filling product will not seep out. The container even withstands the Underwriters Laboratories Inc., USA, fire test in accordance with UL 2368. It is suitable for the transport of flammable and combustible liquids (Combustible liquids only if storage is required according to NFPA 30 Code) and the IBC has been awarded the UL Classified Mark. The use of the SX-D in the context of preparatory coatings as well as in base and clear coating puts users in car body manufacturing on the safe side.


Liner protects adhesives and sealants


Trade visitors from the adhesives and sealants sectors have long appreciated the advantages of the Cleancert + Dualprotect IBC model. The inner bottle of this container is fitted with a UN-approved liner system. It consists of high-quality LDPE film, which unfolds and aligns automatically in the inner container during the filling process. The result: 99 per cent less oxygen exposure during filling and in the packaging itself compared to a standard IBC! The integrated liner prevents the filling product from changing due to oxidisation; it inhibits curing and skin formation, for example with adhesives. Contamination risks are eliminated, as is contact with any condensate that may form in the inner container. This extends the shelf life of the filling product. Surrounded by the leak-proof IBC plastic inner bottle, additional leakage is avoided. In addition, nitrogen blanketing, which can be required with other container types, is no longer necessary. And, to make things even easier for customers: the IBC is delivered “ready to fill”!


Regardless of which packaging customers in the coating industry choose: Schütz IBCs offer numerous advantages throughout the entire process and supply chain. Coating quality is improved, scrap rates are reduced and process reliability and cost-effectiveness are all increased. Components such as the Schütz Impeller guarantee additional process safety. The simple collection and reconditioning of the IBCs including accessories such as the Impeller as part of the Schütz Ticket Service reduces the administrative input and simultaneously boosts eco-performance.