September 2019 // PACKAGING SYSTEMS

Schütz at FachPack 2019: Clean packaging solutions for more efficiency

The liner automatically unfolds inside the IBC inner bottle during the filling process.
Selters (hds).- “The Power of Blue” is the slogan for the Schütz booth at FachPack (24-26 September), where the company will be presenting its sustainable packaging for liquids. Blue is not just the colour of the global player’s corporate design, it also stands for sustainability and for the protection and conservation of earth, the blue planet.

Since the company was founded, Schütz has been committed to sustainability, and this philosophy corresponds with the “Environmentally-friendly Packaging” motto of this year's anniversary edition of the trade fair. Blue also symbolises cleanliness, which is another important topic at the Schütz booth (Stand 237 in Hall 6). Cleanliness and hygiene are key factors in all stages of production – from production quality to product shelf-life – and they have a decisive influence on the entire supply chain.


  • The liner automatically unfolds inside the IBC inner bottle during the filling process.

Schütz at FachPack 2019: Clean packaging solutions for more efficiency 
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Dual protection thanks to liner system


Products on display at the Schütz booth that comply with these highest cleanliness standards include the Ecobulk Foodcert + Aseptic and the Cleancert + Dualprotect. These two containers are fitted with a liner system that includes UN approval. For maximum ease-of-use, the containers are delivered “ready to fill”. The liner is made of top-grade LDPE film and it unfolds and aligns itself automatically in the inner bottle during filling. This minimises oxygen contact during filling and within the packaging, thus preventing the filling product changing when exposed to oxygen. The risk of contamination is avoided, and there is no risk of the filling product coming into contact with condensate which can form inside the inner bottle. This extends the product's shelf-life and helps to reduce the need for preservatives. Encased in the leak-proof IBC bottle, leaks are effectively prevented. The liner also helps to prevent hardening and premature curing, for instance, in adhesives, making the Ecobulk Cleancert + Dualprotect ideal for transporting products manufactured by the adhesives industry. During production of the Ecobulk Foodcert + Aseptic the integrated liner and valves are sterilised by gamma radiation – making them ideal for especially sensitive applications that require aseptic conditions.


Optimum stirring with the Impeller


Visitors to the booth will be able to observe how the Impeller works inside the inner bottle. A specially prepared IBC with a transparent element will provide a glimpse inside the container. The single-use stirrer is attached to the screw cap of the IBC, allowing the packaging to remain closed along the entire supply chain from filling to discharge – for complete cleanliness. The system allows the filling products to be evenly stirred, and the tool has proved to be highly efficient in practical trials in a wide variety of sectors, from paints and coatings to agriculture and automotive. Depending on the rotation speed, the moving wings of the Impeller change position. This ensures a homogenous consistency even with highly viscous products and it enables even small residual quantities to be effectively stirred. The Impeller is a single-use system, which greatly reduces the risk of contamination. There is also no need for time-consuming cleaning, thus eliminating the associated costs. The Impeller is available for all 1,000 and 1,250 litre Ecobulk types with DN 150 and DN 225 filling openings.


Automatic Lock protects originality


In drums, the Automatic Lock cap seal system protects contents from contamination. It consists of a plug and a seal cap and is suitable for manual and automatic fitting. The plug cannot be opened without destroying the seal cap as the inner seal ring is firmly incorporated in the cap, providing highly effective protection against tampering and contamination. This safeguards the original quality of the contents. Schütz will also be showing proven classic products at the trade show, including a wide range of PE and steel drums.