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SCHÜTZ News July 2020


  • Award winning sustainability: SCHÜTZ VASITEX receives the “BASF Award of Excellence”
  • SCHÜTZ RECONTAINER: Cross-bottling in the highest quality
  • IBC Handling Guide: Current guideline for the safe application of IBCs


  • Oil heating – the unchanged energy source of the future


  • Fast help around the globe

SCHÜTZ Newsflash April 2020

The battle against the corona pandemic calls for strict hygiene, particularly in clinics, doctors’surgeries and nursing homes. All around the world, disinfectant has become scarce and more supplies are urgently needed.

SCHÜTZ Newsflash April 2020

The continuing spread of the novel coronavirus poses a huge challenge for the health care of people all over the world. In our region, medical supplies that were once taken for granted are also suddenly in short supply. Medical and nursing staff urgently need protective equipment such as respiratory masks and visors to protect them in their everyday work. In light of this situation, SCHÜTZ decided to make a contribution and in record time developed and started manufacturing visors at its headquarters in Selters. These protective face shields are already being supplied to care facilities in the region.