Responsible procurement organisation

Procurement is becoming more and more complex due to the increasing integration of ecological and social factors in the value creation process. As a result, procurement has become a key function in sustainable business operations.

Our procurement organisation processes are certified by the German Association of Materials Management, Purchasing and Logistics (BME).


We are committed to complying with the following criteria:

  • Declaration of the management on the observance of human rights
  • Compliance with the BME Code of Conduct
  • Develop a responsible procurement strategy (including risk analysis, targets, measures & indicators)
  • Appoint a sustainability officer for procurement
  • Implement and adhere to a procurement strategy in the form of a sustainability programme for purchasing with prioritised fields of action, objectives and responsibilities
  • Integration of sustainability measures in operational and strategic procurement processes on the basis of a responsible procurement guideline
  • Cascaded supply chain analysis: creation of transparency in the supply chain of at least three key suppliers per year
  • An annual procurement sustainability report with management review of the strategy/objectives set and optimisation plan
  • Participation in an annual BME survey on defined KPIs for regular benchmark analysis

Certificate of Responsible Procurement Organization
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