For SCHÜTZ responsible care means optimized processes and solutions, right down to the finest detail. This key target unites the responsible use of materials and care for the environment with the creation of added value across our customers’ entire
supply chain.

Ambitious environmental goals

In keeping with our responsible care concept, we have set ourselves environmental goals which are constantly monitored and refined:

Reduction of resource and energy consumption per produced unit

Further increase the proportion of recycled materials we use

Increase the amount of energy from renewable sources

Waste avoidance

Reduce water consumption and emissions, especially CO2

One of the best examples is the SCHÜTZ TICKET SERVICE, launched in 1993, which stands for the professional collection and reconditioning of millions of used IBCs.

YOUR ADVANTAGE: by using our system you can save costs and help to reduce CO2 emissions per IBC by up to 50%.

Example: Freight and logistics optimisation

For every trucking kilometre we manage to avoid, we are reducing our CO2 emissions by an average of 0.75 kg. This is why we use the latest, most advanced load planning programmes for maximum efficiency and optimised routing in all inbound and outbound logistics. By using more and more XXL trucks, we aim to further improve our efficiency in this field.

Wherever possible, we use alternative methods of transport, such as rail and river boats. In Europe our facilities have their own railway sidings, which has enabled us to shift approx. 20,000 truckloads of steel deliveries from road to rail.


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