Schütz Ecobulk SX-D: Doppelte Sicherheit für brennbares Gefahrgut

Der Ecobulk SX-D mit 1000l Füllvolumen ist einsetzbar in EX Zonen 1 + 2 und eignet sich darüber hinaus für besonders sensible Bereiche, in denen Brand- und Auslaufschutz sowie Risikominimierung höchste Priorität haben.
The transport and storage of flammable hazardous liquids are among the greatest challenges in packaging management. Schütz has developed the Ecobulk SX-D specifically to offer maximum protection for these products even under extreme conditions and in critical areas. The SX-D container has a closed, fire-resistant steel outer shell. After a rigorous fire test and a comprehensive audit of the Schütz production facility, the Ecobulk SX-D was the first ever composite IBC to be awarded the “FM Approved” seal by the commercial property insurance group FM Global.

The engineers at Schütz are continuously working to develop new solutions that optimise IBCs even more for use with demanding filling goods and applications. One example is the SX-D, which offers increased protection in case of fire with a steel hull that is completely closed, crimped and welded to the steel base plate. The steel hull forms a leakproof additional container that acts as an integrated containment tray in the event of damage to the HDPE inner bottle. For example, if the inner bottle melts in a fire, the steel hull effectively prevents product leakage. This additional degree of protection and safety means that the SX-D can also be used for demanding filling products which in the past have been filled in smaller containers, such as steel drums or stainless steel containers.


  • The Ecobulk SX-D with a filling volume of 1000 litres can be used in EX Zones 1 + 2 and is also suitable for highly sensitive areas, where protection against fire and leakage, and risk minimisation have top priority.
Photo: Schütz

Schütz Ecobulk SX-D: Double safety for flammable hazardous goods
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The Ecobulk SX-D with a filling volume of 1000 litres can be used in EX Zones 1 + 2 and is also suitable for highly sensitive areas, where protection against fire and leakage, and risk minimisation have top priority. The IBC is approved for densities up to a maximum of 1.9 g/cm³. The safety of the packaging has been confirmed by independent institutions: In addition to the “FM Approved” label, the ECOBULK SX-D also has the “UL listed” test mark according to UL Test 2368 by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. This is an internationally recognised procedure with which the American organisation certifies products with regard to their safety and fire resistance. After passing the appropriate tests, the IBC also complies with the fire protection guideline “NFPA 30: Flammable and Combustible Liquids Code” of the National Fire Protection Association in the USA and has approval for filling products with a flash point of ≥ 37.8°C / 100° F. 


Integrated SCHÜTZ Dip-Tube discharge system

The contents are removed by means of a pump connection and the SCHÜTZ Dip-Tube, which is integrated into the first of the two bungs on top of the container. This position allows the discharge tube to reach the lowest point of the inner bottle to ensure excellent residual emptying. The closed removal system offers the additional advantage of avoiding contact with the filling product, including any escaping vapours. The steel caps that protect the bungs and the filling opening of the IBC during transport and storage feature a bayonet catch which can be removed and attached quickly without the need for tools.


A wide range of applications

The double hull design and closed discharge system make the SX-D the ideal solution for all filling products or applications that require heightened safety during handling. This means that the new container is suitable for sensitive hazardous Class 6.1 goods, such as toluene diisocyanate (TDI). In addition to meeting the highest fire protection standards, the new SCHÜTZ IBC can also be used for general risk minimisation, for example, when used directly in the production line. This performance has also been confirmed by the commercial property insurance group FM Global.


In addition to the Ecobulk SX-D, Schütz is presenting the prototype of a new product version with access to an outlet fitting integrated into the outer hull, thus enabling discharge from below, an emptying option that is commonly requested.


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